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Full Spectrum Hemp Salve

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Experience long-lasting benefits with a soothing mix of all-natural essential oils and full-spectrum CBD. Smooth to the touch with a delightful fragrance.

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Carmen’s CBD Salves are a combination of CBD and other essential oils, it comes in a 1000mg  formula.

To use, place a reasonable amount of salve on affected area and rub into skin. Made from 100% USA-grown hemp. Carmen’s products originate from our own farms as well as trusted farmers who have been through a vetting process.

Experience long-lasting benefits with topical application of a salve for aches and pains. A mixture of cooling ingredients like peppermint and menthol penetrate the skin fast to provide deep-rooted pain relief. Beeswax locks in the potential benefit of CBD and other ingredients while providing moisture to the skin. Look no further for your favorite pain salve. This texture allows the area to retain moisture which leaves the area with the best bioavailability. Use the salve for a higher ratio of CBD.

Additional information

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Keep at room temperature to maintain freshness. Keep away from heat, light and humidity.


Hemp CBD

Botanical name

Cannabis Sativa

Plant parts used in oil

Stalk, Stem, Flower

Country of origin

United States of America

Applications and use

We’re not able to make any health claims as to what CBD can do for you. But, we can tell you what we take it for.

CBD has anti-inflammatory, anti-convulsant, anti-psychotic, anti-oxidant, neuroprotective and immunomodulatory effects but does not produce mind-altering effects like euphoria. CBD is also thought to support sleep and reduce nausea, particularly related to chemotherapy. Carmen’s is a solution of cannabidiol (CBD) plant-derived cannabinoid medicine in the United States and the first in the new class of cannabinoid anti-inflammatory medications.

Storage and shelf-life

24 months from date of production in original unopened packaging. Store in a cool (+40°f to +25°c) dark and dry place.


1 oz. Containers


Potency, heavy metals, mycotoxins, microbiological contamination, solvents, pesticides Carmen’s CBD oil fulfill all USA food supplement requirements. In regards to CBD, within the usa there could be regional regulation and legislations in place, with specific requirements for food supplements based on hemp (cannabis sativa l.). Carmen’s assumes no liability, it is the responsibility of every customer to check possible additional requirements and the legal status of bringing these capsules to market within a certain country or region.

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  1. MF

    The CBD Salve really does work!! Any aches, pains, inflammation that I happen to be experiencing is quickly eliminated! When a problem occurs, application of the salve goes to the troubled area and takes care of the pain. I would encourage anyone with any inflammation issues to use CBD Salve; it is guaranteed to work; it has for me!!

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